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Anonymous: There's just something about Prince that just draws me to him and I'm not talking about it in a weird way but its just his aurora. His whole vibe is something different and he wants to stand out and when we met in L.A. he was super chill and nice!!!

Mhm I agree!

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aniyalov3u: welcome, guess wondering about wat

Wondering if you knew this isn’t prince

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aniyalov3u: i know this isn't really him, (: I'm just telling u i love you<3

Oh ha okay I was wondering, thankyou!

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Anonymous: what is the most attractive thing you find about princeton ?

His personality! ❤️

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Anonymous: As I can see Prince is your fav MB boy, lol. What made him stand out from the other boys to you?

Ever since the beginning he caught my eye. There was never a moment when he wasn’t the one I had my eye on as corny as that sounds lol. His whole vibe > . It’s too much to put in detail

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destructivemisfits: dude where have you been this isn't okay

Working my life away while attending college at the same time, you can always text me whenever!! 😊 I miss you!

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Anonymous: Do you still have hope in MB? I mean I know they are having their little "dry spell", but do you think they can still rise to the top?

uhhhhhhh as a group im really not sure. as individuals, most deffinitely. idk its hard for me to judge this because im not in the loop of how fans still look at them. i hope for the best tho! 

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Anonymous: u r so pretty. :)))

thankyou!! <3

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@CloseTheKirton BACKSTAGE with me!

— Princeton (@PeacePunkPrince) July 26, 2013