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which one should i get?

Posted on Thursday, December 29th at 08:12PM with 30 notes

tagged as: mindless behavior, shamballa bracelet, shamballa, jewlery,
  1. xoxopinky answered: where can you buy these?
  2. pulchritudinouslycapricious answered: LAST ONE DEFINATELY
  3. beauty-is-a-blessing answered: THE GOLD ONE
  4. callyswag answered: blue
  5. blancalovesyuh answered: Red Its Your Coler…….
  6. trendyeverything answered: www.tren… for more!
  7. mshogan2cute answered: the third one
  8. kimeey-misfit answered: The Last One
  9. teammindlesstildeath answered: The purple or the gold one! ^.^
  10. oddfuckingprincess answered: The white one
  11. about-thatlife-ovoxo answered: the purple one or black cause it wuld match everything
  12. they-ve-captured-cleopatra answered: the gold one (:
  13. schwaagg answered: O; O; !! THE LAST ONE <3 ______ <3 WAIT NO. The firsst one ;) . O; KAY NO THE LAST ONE DEFINITIVELY.
  14. darlagayle answered: middle one!
  15. infinity-we-shall-be answered: The First One :))
  16. prodigygirl143 answered: the secong one
  17. stuffedtxco answered: Last one! or the second one!
  18. supremeultimacy answered: get the 1st one :D
  19. nymphonarry answered: purple n gold *le duhh
  20. evolveflow answered: middle. get one for me too while you’re at it(:
  21. axvlsb answered: where do you get these bracelets from? and i say the first one! ;)
  22. c4twoman answered: 1st one :)
  23. sailorcalum answered: Get the purple one. :)
  24. kl3opatra answered: The third one
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